Cuddle is a Mobile-First AI-powered, voice-enabled analysis platform for business users that automatically detects anomalies in enterprise data to alert users on what they need to know, even before they ask. Users are guided by the root cause analysis that tells them where and why these anomalies have occurred. Cuddle is a SAAS ready for your data today or easy to implement in your cloud environment. Leveraging design and behavioral science, Cuddle is engaging to use, which drives user adoption, while the Nudges & easy of access to details keep usage high by delivering action information at their fingertips the way they want to consume it.

*Eliminates 95% of ad-hoc reporting requests and dashboard modifications.

*Delivers Root cause analysis on anomalies in your data to empower your user as to where and why to take action.

*Delivers actionable insights and analysis to business users as they happen via Cuddle’s Always-on AI.

*Answer business user questions using Pure Natural Language Processing. Then rounds out the answer with curated content based on Cuddle’s AI learning your business users individually and at a corporate level.

Cuddle is like having your personal data analyst who knows how to answer any of your data questions & run sophisticated data analysis even without you asking for it, and as a result, making your everyday decisions smarter.